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February 2023

What premises are necessary to file a restraining order in NJ?

Alot of potential clients contact our firm asking if they have a reasonable premise to file a domestic violence restraining order in New Jersey. To obtain a provisional restraining order in New Jersey, you must be able to prove or show the following:   Instance of domestic violence has happened  This could include any type of harassment, stalking, or violent threats etc. To substantiate any grounds for a temporary restraining order you must have one of the enumerated acts in order to be granted a temporary restraining order. These acts must have happened recently to be able to file for the emanating

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Factors a judge will consider when modifying a child custody order..

At the point a final decree of divorce or other court order has been confirmed in New Jersey to determine each parent’s rights and responsibilities regarding child custody and visitation, this order becomes legally binding. Nevertheless, a parent can request a modification asking for a change if he or she can prove that there has been what is called a “substantial change in circumstances” since the last order was created. In this blog, our firm will review what the court in New Jersey defines as a “substantial change in circumstances” and when child custody & visitation arrangements can be grounds

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Constructing a parenting plan that’s a win for everyone!

Constructing a parenting plan that's a win for everyone! If you and your child’s other parent are dissolving your romantic involvement but want to remain actively involved parents, both of you will need to create a parenting plan as part of a comprehensive child custody arrangement. A successful agreement will allow you both parties on how your co-parenting relationship will work legally. Most of the time, New Jersey courts need that a parenting plan be approved before a divorce or non-marital child custody case can be authorized and closed. If your child’s needs or your family’s circumstances change, you can then

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