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January 2023

When does child support stop or end in the state of New Jersey?

In the state of New Jersey, child support is paid or garnered until the child reaches the age of 19  years old. If a child becomes emancipated, then child support can end earlier. Emancipation is the process of when the child no longer lives with the parents and is self-sufficient. Emancipation can happen if a child is under 19 and or:   Married  Joins the military Completes four years of college  Is at least 18 years old and is working full time to support themselves. Summer, vacation, or seasonal jobs do not count as self-supporting jobs. If a child leaves the

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The differences between alimony & child support: Financial Facts

If you’re debating about getting a divorce, you may ask oneself what your quality of life might look like after your separation. Will you have to go back to attend university? How will you afford childcare or pay living expenses? Fortunately, New Jersey law provides a framework for support after a divorce. With the divorce and family law attorneys at Krompier Law Firm on your side, you are guaranteed professional and understanding help. Our firm will ensure that no one takes advantage of you and that any support award remains fair and equitable. The first step to a successful divorce

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