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Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Despite the rumors and myths that normally fill the tabloids, a prenuptial agreement is not a recipe for disaster. It does not portend the doom of your marriage. It is not a sign that couples do not trust or love one another enough to make their marriage work. To the contrary, it is a safety net to protect you and your loved ones and to preserve your assets, just in case the love and unending trust you and your intended spouse feel today, will not lead to your financial demise in the future. If you are contemplating entering into a prenuptial/postnuptial agreement or believe your agreement is invalid because of undue influence, the New Jersey Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC can help.

Protecting Your Assets With Nuptial Agreements

Experienced Divorce Attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC encourages engaged couples to develop contingency plans, or prenuptial agreements, while their mutual love and respect is strong. This allows a couple to control the outcome and the expense of a divorce should that day come, far into the future. He also works with married couples to develop postnuptial agreements detailing their mutually acceptable and legally binding plans for property division and other related matters, rather than relying on the alternative should a marriage break down, whereby an impersonal and overworked judge is left to make the decision.  The emotional and financial toll on you and your spouse is avoidable, if you take the necessary steps to set forth your wishes now, while the love is there and the emotional stresses of a divorce proceeding are not clouding you and your fiancés judgment.

Taking Precautions Is a Sign of Respect and Love

A prenuptial agreement is a valuable component of a solid relationship. Whether you are fresh out of college with few assets to your name or a successful
business owner, corporate executive, professional athlete, or celebrity establishing a prenuptial agreement is a wise decision before getting married. Protect your best interests and those of your wife by calling the Law Offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC. Attorney Krompier wants to help you address the “what if” as you plan for the “I do.” Contact us at (732) 431-9188 today for representation in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Ocean County, and beyond.

prenuptial & postnuptial agreement

Unfortunately, the Statistics Are Not in Your Favor

When you are madly in love with the woman of your dreams, separation and divorce are the furthest thoughts from your mind. You want to marry that woman and make her yours forever. Unfortunately, current statistics indicate that roughly half of all first-time marriages will end in divorce. For remarried couples, the percentage of failed marriages is even higher.  With that said is you find yourself entering into a second or third marriage, a prenuptial agreement is even more of a necessity.  For couples with children from former relationships, a prenup will keep your assets in the family rather than transferring them to your ex-wife.  You have children from you prior marriage you must protect should this second or third marriage also end in divorce.

Though you plan to live happily ever after, your marriage actually has, at best, a 50/50 chance of survival. Should the day come when your relationship is broken and your marriage is dissolved, having an agreement in place will protect you from losing the assets you worked so hard to gain.

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Aggressive Alimony Legal Representation in New Jersey.

Child Custody

Krompier Law works hard to ensure that all parties that are represented by our firm are our real focus in any child custody dispute, first is the child.

Child Support

Child support is mandated by New Jersey State law and must be included in any divorce settlement or divorce decree when unemancipated children are involved.

Post-Judgment Modifications

A post-judgment modification to your matrimonial and property settlement agreement can result from the entirely expected or the totally unforeseen.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Like no other area of the law, domestic violence (DV) complaints carry with it the unfortunate statistic of being the most abused weapon unfairly and illegitimately dropped like a bomb.

Child Relocation

Krompier Law works hard to ensure that all parties that are represented by our firm are our real focus in any child custody dispute, first is the child.