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Child Relocation

Child Relocation

When parents of children go through a divorce or separation, they must cover several matters to complete the proceedings and obtain the best possible result for their children. These matters include the most obvious which is property and asset division, child support and custody, and spousal support or alimony. When these issues are ruled upon by the court, the decision is legally binding. Though parameters can be changed in the future, post judgment proceedings are often lengthy, complicated and need the help of a New Jersey custody relocation lawyer. Many times, parents of children seek a modification in child custody because one spouse wants to relocate and the other disagrees. Child custody relocation can cause a lot of disputes within a family, and it often calls for the expertise of a family attorney. Attorneys will work to find a mutual solution to the situation and will represent your case in court should the need arise. Douglas Krompier is an experienced New Jersey divorce attorney with over 30 years of experience who can help mediate the situation and present your best case to the court.

How do courts decide custody in regards to relocation?

Any child custody matter made by the court will really come down to the child’s best interests. When a spouse wants to relocate and keep full custody of the child, this is taking visitation away from the other spouse. The court system generally tries to spread out custody as evenly as possible, so a relocation may be difficult to obtain. Working with a New York City custody relocation attorney like Douglas Krompier will improve your chances of getting the outcome you desire. The court will consider the following:
• The reason a parent wants to relocate and why there is any opposition
• How the noncustodial parent will maintain a relationship with the child
• If and by how much the relocation will improve the child’s life
• The nature of the relationship between the child and each parent
• The relationship between the parents and how much the move will negatively affect it
• How the relocation will affect the child’s extended family
• How the relocation will affect the child’s ability to remain in contact with the noncustodial parent

Child Custody

The court looks at the answers to these questions to determine what is best for the child. As such, it is important to seek effective representation to clearly present your case to the judge. A child custody relocation attorney can help you justify your relocation while still maintaining an amicable relationship with the noncustodial parent. They may also help you work out flexible options beneficial to both parents. The bottom line of any good family attorney is to come up with a fair solution mutually agreed upon visitation schedule, all while keeping the child’s best interest in mind. Sometimes this may warrant a change in custody and thus a post judgment proceeding, and other times, it may only necessitate some finagling of visitation rights.

Why Consult a New Jersey Custody Relocation Lawyer?

If you are looking to relocate with your child or your child is being relocated and you want to maintain your visitation rights, contact Krompier Law Firm today. His commitment to his clients shows in her tireless efforts to find a resolution that is agreeable to all parties. Whether you want to change custody or are simply trying to spend time with your child who has relocated, Douglas Krompier will fight aggressively on your behalf. He has been recognized by Avvo as a top contributor and New Jersey child custody lawyer with an excellent 5 star rating in Google. Douglas Krompier serves the Freehold New Jersey area and Monmouth County and has been practicing family and divorce law for over 30 years.

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Child Custody

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