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Aggressive Alimony Legal Representation in New Jersey

  • Is your New Jersey divorce matrimonial settlement agreement obligating you to pay an unreasonable amount of alimony?
  • Are you being compelled to pay alimony for an unreasonably long period of time?
  • Do you feel that your financial success as prominent business owner, professional athlete or corporate executive is being capitalized upon to the extreme?

If your right to pay or receive a fair amount of spousal support is being ignored and is falling on deaf ears in divorce proceedings, it’s time that you notify the experienced men’s divorce law offices of attorney Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC as soon as possible. Our dedicated and experienced team of divorce and financial professionals will work hard to find the economic justice in the legal process that you deserve and have a right to expect.

Our personal attention to your every divorce-related legal need, in conjunction with our longstanding policy of working with you directly, has made our divorce law firm known and respected throughout the state.

If you are losing sleep worrying about predictions regarding your alimony legal situation and if it  isn’t exactly as you want it or believe it should be, or if a dramatic change in your lifestyle circumstances requires a post-judgment modification in the alimony portion of your divorce settlement agreement, contact Douglas I. Krompier in Freehold today.

Call us at (732) 431-9188 so we can reserve your initial consultation. We represent clients throughout the state including those located in Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Mercer County and Ocean County.

Paying Too Much Alimony? Call Us Today

Call us at (732) 431-9188. You can also e-mail us to secure your initial consultation with our experienced family law attorney. The important thing is that you contact us as soon as possible. We prove repeatedly that we can help husbands and fathers just like you.


We Work Directly With You

We painstakingly examine all the legal factors when helping to determine the fair and appropriate amount of alimony you should be paying or receiving by virtue of your divorce: including but not limited to financial need, ability to pay, length of your marriage, age and health of the parties, ability for you and your spouse to earn a living and support yourself and your role in your child’s life, whether as provider, homemaker or both.

We undertake in our role as your advocate to  consider  state law, including the newly passed alimony statute and simultaneously protect your legal and financial positions. As a family law firm whose practice is 100 percent dedicated toward looking out for our clients’ varied interests in matrimonial matters, we know unfair exposure to liability when we see it. If the facts exist and the need for a post-judgment modification related to alimony arises, we can actively assist you and effectively guide you in that situation as well.

We work with you directly, and from wherever you are, whether it be an in state resident, out of state or international resident, thanks to our policy of maximum availability by phone, e-mail or fax. Our experienced lawyer makes diligent efforts to be responsive to your concerns, questions and is available at those times to calm your fears with reinforcing discussion of the firm’s strategy.

We pursue fair levels of alimony in divorce settlements or litigation at the law offices of Douglas I. Krompier MBA LLC. Your rights as husband and father are top-priority with our men’s divorce law firm. Please notify us to discuss how we can be of service to you.

Men’s Divorce Practice Areas

Child Custody

Krompier Law works hard to ensure that all parties that are represented by our firm are our real focus in any child custody dispute, first is the child.

Child Support

Child support is mandated by New Jersey State law and must be included in any divorce settlement or divorce decree when unemancipated children are involved.

Post-Judgment Modifications

A post-judgment modification to your matrimonial and property settlement agreement can result from the entirely expected or the totally unforeseen.

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

Like no other area of the law, domestic violence (DV) complaints carry with it the unfortunate statistic of being the most abused weapon unfairly and illegitimately dropped like a bomb.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreements

Despite the rumors and myths that normally fill the tabloids, a prenuptial agreement is not a recipe for disaster.

Child Relocation

Krompier Law works hard to ensure that all parties that are represented by our firm are our real focus in any child custody dispute, first is the child.