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Employment Immigration

Employment Immigration

Employment immigration laws in New Jersey are primarily governed by federal regulations set by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and the Department of Labor (DOL). These laws apply uniformly across all states, including New Jersey.

However, New Jersey may have its state-specific employment regulations and policies that impact immigrants within the state. Krompier Law has operated within the confines of New Jersey’s jurisdiction for several years. It has successfully gotten hundreds of immigrants their employment immigration in the least hassling and very convenient processes. We believe in your right to settle down within the setting of your new and promising place of employment as soon as possible. So, we make that dream possible for you.

Here is some information you should know when applying for employment immigration.

Visa Categories

Individuals aspiring to work in New Jersey typically require a valid visa allowing legal employment in the United States. Common employment-based visa categories encompass:

– H-1B Visa: Designed for specialty occupation workers.

L-1 Visa: Intended for intracompany transferees.

TN Visa: Applicable to Canadian and Mexican professionals under the USMCA agreement.

E-2 Visa: Reserved for treaty investors.

O Visa: Granted to individuals with extraordinary abilities or achievements in their field.

J-1 Visa: Facilitates exchange visitors, including interns and trainees.

Green Card (Employment-Based): Provides a pathway to permanent residency through employment sponsorship.

Krompier Law is well-versed in all types of temporary employment visas and is equipped to assist with potential issues related to these types of visas.


Employment Authorization Document (EAD)

Certain non-immigrant visa holders, such as H-4 visa dependents of H-1B visa holders, may be eligible to apply for an EAD, granting them the right to work in the United States legally.

New Jersey State-Specific Laws

New Jersey may implement distinct employment regulations affecting immigrants, encompassing labor laws, minimum wage regulations, and worker protection rights applicable to all employees, irrespective of immigration status.

Anti-Discrimination Laws

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination based on nationality or immigration status. Employers in New Jersey are generally prohibited from discriminating against employees or job applicants based on their immigration status.


Like many other states, New Jersey may mandate specific employers to utilize the E-Verify system, an online platform verifying the employment eligibility of newly hired personnel based on their immigration status.

Labor Certification

Certain employment-based immigrant visas, such as the EB-2 and EB-3 categories, may necessitate a labor certification process through the Department of Labor. This procedure ensures that hiring foreign workers will not negatively impact the U.S. job market.

State Agencies and Resources

Immigrants seeking employment in New Jersey can benefit from engaging with state agencies and resources providing information and assistance related to employment issues. The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development is a valuable resource.

Immigration Attorneys

Given the complexity of immigration laws, many immigrants in New Jersey seek legal assistance from immigration attorneys who can facilitate visa applications and work permits and address various immigration-related matters.

It’s essential to note that immigration laws are subject to change. Therefore, consulting an immigration attorney or visiting the USCIS website is advisable to access the most up-to-date information and guidance tailored to individual circumstances. Furthermore, the political and policy landscape concerning immigration may evolve, influencing immigration regulations and enforcement.

Employment Immigration Legal Services Provided by Krompier Law

Krompier Law offers comprehensive support to individuals or employers in New Jersey needing employment immigration legal services. Our dedicated team of immigration attorneys understands the significance of your immigration-related concerns and leverages cutting-edge technology and extensive experience to help you achieve your specific objectives.

No matter the visa or immigration challenges you face, our employment immigration attorneys are committed to standing by your side and answering your questions.

How We Can Help

Krompier Law can take several actions to expedite the employment immigration process for someone who needs to immigrate to New Jersey as quickly as possible:

Evaluation and Strategy

The first step is evaluating the individual’s situation and immigration goals. Our attorneys will work closely with the client to understand their circumstances, including the type of visa or immigration category they are pursuing.

Identifying Fast-Track Options

Depending on the client’s qualifications and circumstances, Krompier Law will identify any fast-track immigration options that may be available. This could include expedited processing for certain visa categories or utilizing premium processing services when applicable.

Complete and Accurate Documentation

To avoid delays, it’s crucial to ensure all required documentation is complete, accurate and submitted promptly. Our experienced team has reviewed several employment immigration cases and will assist in preparing and organizing all necessary paperwork, including visa applications, supporting documents, and petitions.

Navigating Potential Challenges

Immigration processes can be complex, and unexpected challenges may arise. Krompier Law will proactively address any issues or concerns that could slow down the process. This may involve responding to requests for additional information from immigration authorities promptly.

Communication with Government Agencies

Krompier Law can facilitate direct and effective communication with government agencies such as USCIS and the Department of State. This can help ensure that applications are processed as swiftly as possible and that any inquiries or requests for information are addressed promptly.

Premium Processing Services

For certain visa categories, such as the H-1B visa, premium processing is available, guaranteeing a quicker processing time for an additional fee. Krompier Law can advise clients on whether this option suits their situation and guide them through the premium processing application.

Consular Processing Assistance

Suppose the individual is applying for a visa from outside the United States. In that case, Krompier Law can guide expediting the consular processing portion of the immigration process, including scheduling visa interviews at U.S. embassies or consulates.

Monitoring Progress

Krompier Law will closely monitor the progress of the immigration case, track processing times, and take proactive steps to address any delays or issues that may arise.

Preparation for Arrival

In parallel with the immigration process, Krompier Law can assist with preparations for the individual’s arrival in New Jersey, including guidance on housing, employment, and other essential aspects of relocation.

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Guidance for Permanent Employment and Students:

Krompier Law recognizes the importance of obtaining permanent job status in the United States and assists both employers and people in negotiating the requirements for permanent employment. We thoroughly understand the educational requirements and skill qualifications required for permanent employment status, and we provide help throughout the full employment immigration process.

Our firm also assists students visiting the United States for educational or vocational training relevant to specific job prospects, as well as individuals already in the country who may have encountered obstacles with their immigration status. Contact us today to find out more.